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The Top Reasons You Should Be Listening to Know Your Platform Podcast

With time, awareness regarding mental health is increasing, and more and more people are opening up about their emotional health. Know your platform by Jeremiah Jacksun is a podcast that aims to highlight the importance of talking about our emotional turmoil and psychological well-being. Here are the top reasons you should listen to this amazing podcast.

Get inspired

Jeremiah is a person who suffered a lot but eventually came out stronger than ever. He was physically abused as a child and did not get the support that he expected from his mother. His father would lock him up in a closet for not getting good grades or something as small as not eating dinner. He was bullied at school, and all of this destroyed him mentally. I’m sure many of us can see ourselves in Jeremiah and relate to his story. There is nothing as beautiful as human connection, and our sufferings unite us in a unique way. Through his podcasts, we can connect to him and get inspired not to lose hope no matter what happens in our lives. His story has already helped thousands, and together we can make a community of people willing to be vulnerable about their pain so they can find ways to cope with it and make the best of their lives.

A chance for self-reflection

It’s important to open up about our pain to someone, whether to a family member, a friend, or a therapist. Talking about it gives us a chance to self-reflect. It is important to know our worth, value, truth, and lies. Listening to Jeremiah’s story will help you embark on a journey of self-exploration. When we are honest with ourselves and acknowledge our weaknesses, only then can we work on them to become a better version of ourselves. For the longest time, Jeremiah struggled to manage his emotions but admitting that he needed to work on some aspects of his personality gave him the courage to take responsibility and become better.

Many of us hold grudges against people who wronged us. Those grudges do us no good, and when we find the strength to forgive those people, we can move on and find peace. Sometimes, we also need to forgive ourselves. As Jeremiah not only forgave his parents for treating him badly but also forgave himself for not knowing how to defend himself and allowing people to treat him ruthlessly.

Bring change

Self-reflection helps us bring positive change in our life. We get out of the eat, sleep, work cycle, and find our vision in life. Something that makes us realize that we are not here merely to exist but to find our purpose and fulfill it. As Jeremiah says in his podcast, we must live on our terms and learn to make decisions for ourselves. We cannot let society’s definition of success define our vision; rather, we should make a checklist of things that matter to us. Success is subjective; if you feel peaceful and happy, you don’t need to seek society’s validation to know you are successful.


Podcasts are a great medium to connect with people. Jeremiah Jacksun’s mental health podcast aims to build a community of people with essential life skills like perseverance, self-management, and empathy. Together we can motivate each other and learn to be kind not just to others but also to ourselves.