Vintage Muscle reviews

Vintage Muscle puts customers first – A vintage Muscle stacks review

Vintage Muscle is focused on bringing you the highest quality easy-to-use supplements to help you reach your fitness and health goals. We spoke to Jared Van Yperen, owner of Vintage Muscle, to discuss how they managed to build a successful supplements company, by putting their customers first.

Vintage Muscle is dedicated to providing easy-to-use muscle-building stacks for your average gymgoer. They spend time focusing on high-quality ingredients. Jared Van Yperen says, “What makes our product so special as we really go out and find these state of the art ingredients and more exotic supplements that the typical supplement brand won’t touch or use.”

Vintage Muscle benefits from the knowledge and experience that owner Jared Van Yperen gained from the world of bodybuilding. “I have a background in bodybuilding. This helps me know what type of supplements bodybuilders, celebrities, and competitors actually used. And they were wildly different than what was at your typical GNC or retail supplement location,” says Jared Van Yperen.

Vintage Muscle’s goal is focused on providing these high-quality ingredients without a high cost. Jared Van Yperen says, “With vintage muscle, our goal is to find what’s the most powerful over the counter and safe anabolic ingredients that we can use to help our customers reach their physique, fitness, and health goals while offering easy-to-use stacks that are aren’t underdosed or overpriced.”

To reach their customers and provide them with these high-quality products, Vintage Muscle has focused on creating a community for people that love health and fitness and are hoping to change their lifestyle or improve it. “When people buy a vintage muscle stack, it turns into a whole revolution of their lifestyle because they get into the community and it’s why I fell in love with fitness as a whole because it goes into all the other different parts of your life,” says Jared Van Yperen. 

Other than building a community, Jared Van Yperen aims to build Vintage Muscle and involve their customers in the process by also employing their customers. Jared Van Yperen says, “When I look to hire inside my company, I always like to hire customers because they’ve actually invested their own money in the company already. What better person to have to work for the company.”

When looking to the future of Vintage Muscle, one of the main goals for the company is to grow by continuing to put its customers first. “We start with the customer. What the customer needs, where the customer is at in their fitness journey, and what the customer can’t find in the market right now. We dose our products and create our products for the customer. And it’s a real customer experience-oriented company,” says Jared Van Yperen.

Another goal for Vintage Muscle is to ensure that they can help their customers and the fitness community as a whole by expanding their services to reach wider aspects of the supplements world. “What I can see happening at Vintage Muscle, is we’re slowly just gonna keep on creeping into different parts of the supplement industry that we feel are being underserved, kind of like the anabolic precursors market. If we’re able to help customers out with a certain part it really helps transform a lot of different parts of their life,” says Jared Van Yperen.