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What exactly is Mainnet? Why did NFTBOOKS set the mainnet time to February 17, 2023?

Considered an important “milestone” for any blockchain project, the world’s first blockchain book publishing project NFTBOOKS will officially mainnet on February 17/02/2023 after a period of continuous completion.

What is Mainnet?

The mainnet (also known as the main network) is the official blockchain version after the testnet has been successfully tested. This is regarded as a demonstration of independent development in which actual transactions can take place.
Having a mainnet also confirms that the project is alive and well. At the same time, it emphasises the development team’s correct product vision.

The mainnet is regarded as proof of a blockchain project’s development.
Furthermore, the mainnet can directly test the blockchain’s functions. To function properly, this launch process necessitates a significant amount of technical development and resources.
Because it is a de facto protocol, all transactions are active, and users can transact directly with one another. As a result, if a project has its own mainnet, it will be more reliable and of higher quality than products that do not have their own mainnet.

17/02/2023 – Is it great time for NFTBOOKS mainnet?

The world’s first blockchain book publishing project will also go live on February 17, 2023.

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NFTBOOKS will go live on the mainnet on February 17, 2023 in Sydney, Australia.

Why is NFTBOOKS the launching mainnet until now, despite the fact that the testnet has been available since 2022?
Mr. Chau Nguyen – Co-Founder NFTBOOKS makes no secret of his confidence in his “brainchild” when discussing the long wait, because the project team has constantly upgraded and perfected the product to help readers, authors, and book lovers.

In addition to investing in technology, NFTBOOKS collaborated with the world-renowned law firm Squire Patton Boggs on legal issues in 2022 to protect users’ rights. The project also works with prestigious universities all over the world to support the creation of an e-book library. At the same time, becoming a strategic partner of book publishing companies that own many of the world’s book copyrights of authors. NFTBOOKS team spent some time on security audits with the assistance of Certik, the leading security company in the blockchain world.

The NFTBOOKS team has carefully prepared for the “next journey” of the project.
These efforts were partially rewarded because the testnet was well received by the general public. In addition to receiving high praise from experts. NFTBOOKS has represented Australian Government in its participation in the Fintech Festival 2022 in Singapore, and it is on the list of Rising Star nominations for India Fintech 2022.
As a result of this careful planning, the mainnet version launch event on February 17, 2023 strongly affirms the undeniable feasibility and long-term development potential of NFTBOOKS – The initial project was deemed difficult to compete with traditional publishers.
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