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Who Is Enstui—What Is His Real Name?

A short ride through Enstui’s life

Woodmael Saint-Felix, known as Enstui by his audience is a Haitian YouTuber with over 160k+ Subscribers. Saint-Felix is somehow known in the Haitian community for his way to teach men on how to approach women, flirt with them and seduce them whether it’s women on social medias/in real life.

Born: September 29, 2001 (age 20 years), L’asile Nippes, Haiti

Height: 5’9 ft

Woodmael Saint-Felix, who goes by as Felix Woody on social medias is a young man born in the Middle Class of Haiti, growing up in Haiti was always a sweet fruit for him he didn’t have to suffer in anyway like most of the other kids in the country because we, the whole world know Haiti is part of the poorest country on the planet. Not only that, the country has political issues, Gangs are kidnapping people to ask for alot of money even the police is not safe in this country, which leads him and his mother to leave the country and went to Chile at 18 (in 2020) in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Though, he travels to Haiti quite alot for vacation, to visit his long life friends, people he was really close with like cousins, uncles, aunties etc…

That being said, Chile is the country everything begun for his YouTube career, he’s always had a passion for seduction, passion to seduce girls especially the older ones, according to Saint-Felix.

Since at age 14, he’s always been quite good at getting along with people, talking to girls etc…

But according to Saint-Felix, he never knew other people had problem doing such thing so in the beginning of 2020 he decided to create a YouTube channel named Enstui__Ou which he now-turned into Enstui where he talks alot about how to approach a woman without being a creep, without being awkward, without the woman rejecting the man, how to flirt with women, get a woman to like you even tho you consider her out of your league and more…

Therefore, the more everything he’s been saying through those videos worked for the subscribers the more he was getting the recognition he deserved—and then on September 7, the month he was born he reached 100k Subscribers.

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