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Your Walk in Life is available on Amazon. Why you should grab your copy today

Written By | Eric Thompson

We received the book for the new year, and after a month we were hooked. The book has become part of our mental health journey. Having Alexa Servodidio share her expertise is truly transformative.

The book description on Amazon sums it up nicely:

Throughout Alexa Servodidio’s comprehensive work in the mental health field she has become well-known for creating safe environments for clients to explore their journey. Her clients are able to walk with confidence on the sometimes crooked path that individuals must navigate. In her practice she refers to this as the “nesting place,” which is a space that allows a client to become vulnerable and open. Your Walk in Life is a workbook that can open the door to finding your peace within the chaos. Join Alexa on your own journey of hope, healing and growth. The case studies in each chapter reflect on real life situations and experiences, allowing the reader to slip into the shoes of the client and the clinician. Your Walk in Life is a guided journey for those looking for answers, struggling with pain, and researching ways to heal. Alexa’s steps encourage each reader to create a nonjudgmental space to explore their journey. Throughout this book these guidelines are reinforced to impact your heart and mind. Your Walk in Life can be a guide to “Transforming Your Pain Into Peace.”

If you are ready to walk with your head held high, letting go of what no longer serves you, this book is for you.

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