Moroccan Rugs: A Wonderful Way to Spice Up Your Interior with OunizZ

Amazingly plush and durable, Moroccan rugs always have a place in your home.

You’ve likely seen them in the photos of your favorite celebrity homes and luxury hotels. Interior designers have been obsessed with Moroccan rugs for reasons you should, too.

But if you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, this piece will show you why jumping ship is worth it.

A Little Bit of History

For starters, here’s some background about these lovely rugs.

Genuine Beni Ouarain carpets have been made by hand in the Atlas mountains in Morocco for generations. Originally used as bed covers, these artisan carpets are much softer and more luxurious than your average rug.

Made from sheep wool stored at high elevations, Moroccan rugs feature thick, warm fiber in rich tones and geometric or abstract designs.

Since the mid-20th century, these rugs have been increasingly popular worldwide. Due to this, many companies mass-produce Moroccan rugs.

But of course, the original way’s always the best. If you look closer, the difference between a mass-produced rug and a real one will be clear.

The former have natural variations and a much softer, luxurious feel. The latter has a cheaper feel and has whiter areas and regular patterns.

The real deal’s the best, no questions asked.

Why Moroccan Rugs Are Worthy of Praise

Let’s get to the top five reasons Moroccan rugs are the best for your interior.

  1. Chic yet classic

Moroccan rugs have been popping out of huge lifestyle magazines and online publications. The trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

The love people have for these rugs has stood the test of time, making them trendy and classic at the same time.

  1. Extremely warm and comfy

Moroccan rugs are made with warmth and comfort in mind. They make your feet happy, especially on cold nights and mornings.

  1. Hands down durable

Moroccan rugs last for decades and can withstand almost any foot traffic. The natural fibers are surprisingly durable. Plus, stains are easy to clean when treated quickly.

  1. Works with any interior design

Moroccan rugs’ natural hues and patterns make them easy to match with any interior design. From minimalist to industrialist designs, these rugs will always have a place in any theme.

  1. One of a kind

Authentic Moroccan rugs are made by hand, so each carpet is unique. Each rug has a slightly different pattern, color, and shape, making it luxurious. Even if they’re popular, no one will have a Moroccan rug exactly like yours.

Wider Access to Moroccan Rugs

People couldn’t visit Morocco to buy these beautiful rugs when the pandemic happened. As a result, weavers couldn’t put food on their tables.

Sonia founded Ounizz, a company exporting Moroccan rugs directly from weavers. By doing this, Ounizz cuts the middlemen, making Moroccan rugs more accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality.

It’s a win-win situation for buyers and weavers because the former can buy authentic Moroccan rugs for the lowest price possible, while the latter gets paid fairly for their art. Plus, they have an eco-friendly production process― something Mother Earth needs during these trying times.