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Tomás Young : You Can Have a Balanced Diet and Still Enjoy The Foods You Love

2022 has marked the grand start of the well regarded coach Tomás Young in Instagram through his account TomasYoungCoaching. And he is not just a ordinary coach but a coach who has it all! He’s specialized in nutrition as well and he aims to share his knowledge that he gained over 7+ years of experience through studying and working with a range of different clients through his Instagram account in a unique way. Tomás  is also obsessed with Rugby ever since he was young and as of now he is the head coach of RAK Rugby team in the United Arab Emirates.

Tomás is our guest for today’s interview, so let’s get started!

-Why did you choose the Instagram platform to spread your knowledge?

I chose Instagram as it is the largest social media platform out there at present. It is a great way to reach people of certain interests with the use of hashtags and messages that can relate to certain demographics. 

-What are some of the unhealthy habits among the society that you would like to change?

This is a tricky question as people would expect to say food straight away. However, you can have a balanced diet and still enjoy the foods you love. The 80/20 approach, 80 percent whole foods (fruit, vegetables, proteins) and 20 percent of the foods you enjoy. Unhealthy habits to change would be putting your phone away and turning off the TV while eating. 

-What is your personal training philosophy?

My philosophy is quite simple, but it resonates with a lot of my clients, there is no one size fits all approach to fitness. This means that everyone’s blueprint of their fitness journey will be different. One person may need constant supervision, whereas other just need the materials and can implement everything themselves. I focus on a more educational coaching process so that my clients can continue their journey long after we finish working together.

-How did you start playing rugby, and what do you like the most about it?

I started playing rugby along with many other sports when I was 7. But rugby stood out to me from day 1 as my favorite by far. What I really love about rugby is the comradery that you develop with teammates, it’s like a family no matter what club you go to. Another thing that stands out is the values you develop as a person, it is an education of how to be a good person for example, in a game that lasts 80 minutes, you finish the game battered and bruised, there may have been fights and you may have lost but after you still go and socialize with the opposition. I suppose the main thing it does is teaches young kids and adult’s manners.

-Being the coach of RAK Rugby, how much do you aim to enhance this sport in the UAE and the Middle East Region?

As coach of RAK Rugby, I want to develop the game in the emirate as much as possible. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are many teams, however, in RAK it is only us. So I want to make RAK Rugby as successful as possible to grow rugby in the emirate. This will attract more players and show to other emirates it is possible.